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"Eat healthy at KimchiHaru" KimchiHaru uses one and only 'VEGETABLE BROTH" made from 12 fruits and vegetables for seasoning. NO ARTIFICIAL FOOD ENHANCER (MSG) is used in our cooking.


I love bibimbap and enjoy use free wifi! You can choose which is one; Pork, chicken or beef. It is delicious bibimbap! :)

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DIB Coffees of Hawaii

Cuisines Hawaiian

DiB (Deaf in Business) Coffees of Hawaii is a suburban coffeehouse run by hearing-impaired staff. The beans are sourced from Hawaii and your usual fix of lattes and cappuccinos are available on site. Cheesecakes, pastries, bagelwiches and soups round off the food menu.


If you want to learn the sign language, try to communicate with Deaf staffs there!

Selina O posted 2 Reviews