Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour Daily, 5pm till late Supper until 1am

At Leonardo’s, we hope that you will enjoy our eclectic selection of global dishes,where cuisine is no longer limited by geographical constraints. Our motto is simply: if it tastes good, put it on the menu! Buon Appetito!

Leonard’s ambiance is cosily romantic, down to earth with contented finishings of earthy brick walls and dining table with that white table cloths touch creating a posh, clean & exquisite setting.

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Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Western European

Great quality food with everything made in house including bread, pasta and ice-creams; Pickled Beetroot Salad; Tagliatelle Coq au Vin; Braised Beef Cheek: Deboned Lamb Shank; Flourless Chocolate Fondant; excellent value for money including great happy hour deals and daily set lunches.

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Cava Restaurant & Bar

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 12:00 am Sun: 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

This Cava’s Specialty Arroz Negro, this truly delicious.

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Midi 57 Restaurant & Bar

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11am-12am daily

I personally prefer the Chocolate and Ginger Ganache. The Ginger Ganache didn’t quite register well between my tastebud and brain at the first taste, but later when it finally register, I can’t help dipping the choc into it.

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Lucky Bo

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm-10pm

or such price and quality they serve here, I am certainly will be back to try out a few more dishes. Its a great comfort food.

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Jarrod & Rawlins

Cuisines Western

This is a great place for a drink, with comfy seats and a drinks menu that will keep all thirsty people happy.

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U Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese Pork-Free
Business Hour 12noon - 2.30pm, 6pm till 11pm

Tasting Room Wine Bistro

Cuisines Western
Business Hour tue-fri: 11.30am till late, sat-sun: 5pm till late

Tasting Room is a wine bistro featuring contemporary European cuisine and an extensive range of drinks, albeit with a natural bias towards wines

The Angus Tenderloin, just like the Cod, has to be amongst the better dishes from the bistro. It was well cooked and tasted really good.

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The Attic

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Weekdays (except Monday) - 12pm to 11pm, Weekends - 12pm to 1 am.

U Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese

Pudding was predictable; Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean, but it is still my favourite order on a Japanese dessert menu.

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Four Seas Chinese Restaurant

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Tue – Sun: Noon – 2:30p.m.,6:00p.m. – 10:30p.m.

A luxurious dinner with grand Martell cognacs. One can’t complain when there’s free flow of cognac whole night long and having each paired with specially prepared Chinese dishes by a chef who is a Gold Medal Winner FHA2004 at the Imperial Challenge, Sg.

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