China Treasures

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Cuisines Chinese Halal

The buffet (RM 33++ per person) is quite worth the money if dim sums are your thing and you can't get enough of them.


The worst dim sum restaurant I ever been to!! The prawns inside the dim sum is not fresh n sourish and most fking horrible experience was the service of the arrogant, rude and fat chinese man waiter who brought our order wrongly n blame it on us n kept argue that he is right! When I ask to speak to the manager even he is worse! Trying to protect his waiter n being rude to the customers! I told him the prawn n meat in the dim sum is sourish n rotten . He kept lying n giving excuse that its the sauce suppose to be sourish! We are foodies n he thinks we cannot differentiate what is spoilt dim sum??!! Worse of all he insist that we pay for it if we cannot finish the food! Wtf?? Expecting us to eat rotten stuffs n finish so many food when u multiply our order twice coz your waiter make a mistake ?? Summore dare to argue n fight with us insisting he is right even our whole table experience the same rotten food. So bloody arrogant n shitty attitude the chinese manager n waiter! I bet they never even study hospitality or customer service before!! Dono which kampung they are release from!!! We will never go there again!!! N will spread this everywhere in the social medias!! Super shitty experience n food!!!

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KLGCC China Treasures Restaurant

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Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11.30AM – 2.30PM for Lunch; 6.30PM – 10.30PM for Dinner.

China Treasures is a lovely restaurant with a classy plum and rosy hued table linen offset against elegant oriental arches and latticed wall panels.

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Oriental Pearl Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

The Café Palma

Cuisines Asian Fusion

I loved the shredded limau purut leaves, bunga kantan and lemongrass in the rice that gave it an aromatic infusion of local flavours.

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