Padi House

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Cuisines Local Western

Padi House, pretty interesting and creative name, don’t have to travel more than 10 kilometres to the nearest “mixed rice” source.The cafe has an open-air concept, pretty much like any coffee shop but the seats are quite comfy.

The other day, before dropping off my brother to his university in Cyberjaya after the long Christmas and New Year break, we managed to crash in at Padi House Restaurant for dinner. It was an early dinner at 4pm though. Padi House was recommended by my brother, Ivan who told me it was a rather popular place to chill out especially since it was a short driving distance away from Multimedia University Cyberjaya.

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Kitchen Village

Cuisines Chinese

There was a wide variety of dish to be chosen from ranging from chicken, egg, squid, taufu and vegetables. We tried out only two of them, Taufu with Fish Fillet and Thousand Island Chicken.

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Secret Recipe, Cyberjaya

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10.30 AM-10.30 PM (Daily)

Nyonya Valley

Cuisines Nyonya

Not much people, affordable price, FOC parking, must try the Chicken Spicy Apple Sauce

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Chillout Restaurant

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon – Sat (12pm to 3am)

The lower dining area with a nice, comfy couch. ... Food wise, most of them are average at best except for their burgers, which received thumbs up from everyone who had it.

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Hope & Grapes

Cuisines Western


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Karma Bar & Lounge

Cuisines Western

Carbonara - RM35 - 味道好, 搭配著grey mushroom讓這其膩度大幅減低 With Cream, Chicken, Mushroom & Shredded Parmesan Cheese

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