Sangkaya – Nuts About Coconuts

Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 10am to 10pm daily

Menu, they have coconut ice cream, thai milk tea ice cream, blended coconut shake, coconut water etc

babylightning posted 541 Reviews

RGB & The Bean Hive Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10.30am – 6.30pm ( Mon- Fri) 10.00am – 6.00pm (Sat, Sun)

I personally like the juicy look of the orange cake and ordered it, however it came out to be a little bit too dry and hard, it would be better if they can add more orange juice to zest it up.

Su Fen posted 153 Reviews

LaRisata Italian Restaurant Ampang

Cuisines Western Italian

LaRisata, the 2015 winner of TimeOut KL Best Italian Restaurant is 20 years old this year! Congratulations on the milestone, and more food, more laughters ahead!

summerkid posted 511 Reviews

Look Out Point

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Opening Hours (6pm to 1 am)

Saga Highland Steak Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 6pm-2am

Sizzling Saga Combo Beef 傻瓜山铁板大虾牛扒 (RM28.80 Argentina) Argentina beef steak and 2 cheese-slice-covered big prawns on top of zigzag french fries and raw romaine lettuce. Drizzled with Suyvon's recommended Mongolia sauce out of 4 others: Garlic, BBQ, Black Pepper and Mushroom. They may want to consider the heat of sizzling plate for steak doneness as Daniel's choice of medium had turned into well done, though not to the extent of shoes leather. Carbonara Pasta 芝士奶油意粉 RM15.80 Spaghetti topped with processed crabsticks, canned button mushrooms, prawns, squids, mussel and romaine lettuce. I would say that this was a plate of catastrophe for carbonara lover. Instead of the typical creamy carbonara sauce, they offered chinese style sweet creamy butter sauce, sort of like 奶油鸡. It wasn't inviting at all with the cheapskate canned mushrooms and processed crabstick. (Don't get me wrong, they can be very tasty in mushroom soup and Subway seafood&crab but not here and not in this way.) It became my worst nightmare with the taste of Carnation condensed milk down my throat. I beg you, avoid this at all cost!

Cheryl Chan Photography posted 81 Reviews

Restoran KAW’D

Cuisines Asian
Business Hour 6.30pm to 2.00am Daily

I don’t mind coming all the way here for a guilty indulgence and perhaps tag a few victims along. Heee..

annna posted 230 Reviews

Damas Sweets

Cuisines Middle Eastern
Business Hour daily 11am-11pm

Damas Sweets has been occupying its small shop lot in the shade of Ampang Point for years, serving the Arabian community – and any other nationalities who have made the fortunate discovery – with sweet treats for gifts or personal tea-time indulgence.

YouHadYourLunch posted 208 Reviews

Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant

Business Hour 11.00am - 2.30pm, 4.00pm - 1.00am

A seafood restaurant that offers a wide array of dishes Mei Keng Fatt in Ampang serves very good quality seafood and the price is very reasonable too.

B Station

Cuisines Korean Western

If you’re looking for a healthy and quality Korean food or for a cup of coffee complemented with homemade muffins, this is the place for you..

annna posted 230 Reviews

New Heong Kee Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Our appetite were superb that evening we made additional orders to ensure a full satisfaction was achieved. Obviously we left the restaurant with smiling faces.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Tamarind Hill

Cuisines Thai
Business Hour Close on Monday

The restaurant is quite lovely. It seems to have retained that homey charm and relaxed ambience from its old location.

Suzi's Corner

Cuisines Malaysian
Business Hour Wed-Mon, 6pm onwards; closed on Tuesdays

Juicy steaks, excellent value, lively atmosphere.

TheYumList posted 552 Reviews

OM Burger Stall

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour Opens at night only

The pakcik has been running this stall at the same spot in Ampang Jaya (in front of 7-11) for 24 years. If you’re a Ramly burger fan, go try the OM Burger.

Having said all the above, I have a bone to pick with the people who have named this the best street burger in KL. You clearly do not know what you are talking about.

vkeong posted 784 Reviews

Han Woo Ri Korean BBQ Restaurant

Cuisines Korean

Japanese Cuisine is more concern on their freshness of their seafood while Korean restaurant is very depending to their own special recipe in their marinating sauce. As for this restaurant, they really do put a lot of effort in it. That is also why they always has a consistent crowd.

Pas De Nom posted 451 Reviews

Restoran Orchard View Yong Tau Foo

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am till 5pm daily (Closed on alternate Wednesdays)

Their Yong Tau Foo is the only thing which is acceptable but still do not consider as delicious because the meat is easily come out which is not consider a good Yong Tau Foo.

Pas De Nom posted 451 Reviews