Stubborn Joe Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8AM- 7PM ( Mon-Sat, closed on Sundays)

Stubborn Joe Cafe is worth a visit for their unique environment. Service is fine, but not attentive enough. Food is OK, nothing much special, more ideal to cater working crowd in Dataran Prima and nearby offices.

summerkid posted 568 Reviews

Patty & Pie

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Tuesdays to Sundays. 1200 hours till 1500 hours. 1800 hours till 2200 hours.

Customer Service and Good No Frills, Comfort Food. Really excellent and personal service, while having good comfort food. Classic fire wood pizza that is sure to provide solace to a rough day, or just merely to satisfy cravings.

renaelyng posted 76 Reviews

Kalamazoo Cafe

Cuisines Western American
Business Hour Daily except Tuesday (11.00am – 10.30pm)

A laid back American diner which is the brainchild of 4 Western Michigan University graduates. Serves hearty American food especially the Beef Meat Loaf, Grilled Lamb Shoulder and Chocolate brownies. Prices are reasonable too, with Meat loaf at less than RM15. Don't forget the peanut butter chocolate milkshake!


Good food so nearby my place. But for what it was worth, do not be fooled by the fancy names of dishes. I stay true to classics like quarter chicken roast and such.

wenywonderswhy posted 21 Reviews

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak

Cuisines Local Western

6 to 10 Grill had been well known around the neighborhood of Happy Mansion Apartments, Seksyen 17, PJ. The owner successfully move the restaurant to Aman Suria (near Kayu Nasi Kandar) in 2011.

Will bring my parents to this place for lunch on one of these days

ojsiew posted 633 Reviews

Onde Onde

Business Hour 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Placing strong emphasis on delivering great taste and food quality are the business’ laurels. Onde Onde believes that when serving local food to the Malaysian public, one has to deliver results, by surpassing consumer expectations as Malaysians know their food well. Upon stepping into Onde Onde, one will be attracted to its striking pink wall which are lined with antique pottery, porcelain and decoratives. With spot lighting and benched seating, the restaurant has a cosy and alluring ambience. Website:

Murni Discovery

Cuisines Western

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 for the unique blend of dishes and the downgrade because of hygiene (longkang kotor) and yes, I do noticed that the standard of dishes has been somewhat deteriorating.

spicysharon posted 315 Reviews

Wizard Kitchen

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Monday – Saturday 12.00pm to 10.00pm (closed on Sundays)

Most of the food are her personal favourites, and also inspiration from the food she had tasted while travelling abroad for 10 years in UK, as well as her mum recipe.

summerkid posted 568 Reviews

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant 鸟人

Cuisines Western Asian

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant is my current favourite makan place right now in Aman Suria area.

wackybecky posted 545 Reviews

Departure Lounge

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Monday - Friday 8am ~ 7pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10am ~ 5pm

Thumbs up for customisable breakfast! Fun to have different beans now and then.

cAyenNe posted

Cafe Kalamazoo

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Wed - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

A nice place to dine with the people in here are very friendly as all of them are friends and worked in restaurants before in US, therefore they know how important food and service is to them.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews