Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant 蓬莱茶房

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Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour 10am to 10.00pm

Nice environment to take a short break after visiting so many stores in Mid Valley. All the sofa are PVC leather cushions and very comfortable.


Non-stop customer flow but they able to maintain their service and food quality

Sherlyn Lee posted 15 Reviews

Shihlin Taiwan Snacks

Cuisines Taiwanese

If you want to try out the giant size of crispy fried chicken, you do not have to go as far as Taiwan, you can find it at Shilin Taiwan Street Snack. The shop is located at many places around KL, Selangor and other states in Malaysia. I tried this Happy! Ricebox Set. It consisted of a XXL crispy fried chicken, cut and spread on top of the white rice, accompanying with smooth cold tofu topped with diced century egg. On top of that, they put some oyster sauce and some spring onions on top. It is a good combination of hot and cold dish. This is how the whole set looks like. Do not look down at its portion. I do feel full after finishing it because of the soya bean milk which is quite filling after drinking it.

liyenz posted 52 Reviews

Little Taiwan

Cuisines Taiwanese

This restaurant located near the Mid Valley cinema, this bright and tiny little restaurant is always packed with customers most of the time. Snacks are very popular in Taiwan and they have some of them in Little Taiwan, namely Taiwan special toast (台南藏宝箱), special almond meat ball (杏仁花珠) and a lot more.

We were really full when we finished our noodles. So we’ll keep that for our next visit!

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews