Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng Hunan Restaurant 鄉府湘城湖南菜馆

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Cuisines Chinese Hunan
Business Hour 11am to 11pm daily

Hot and spicy adventure continues with some authentic Hunan cuisine at Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng 鄉府湘城 whipped out by Chefs from China. Also known as Xiang cuisine to some, Hunan cuisine's actually spicier and more numbing than Szechuan cuisine.

Currently this is one of my favourite China food that offer pretty good food and price is reasonable. Came here 3 times in a row.

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Restaurant Xiang Man Qing

Cuisines Hunan
Business Hour 10.00am - 10.00pm

It was a lovely dinner and most importantly I really enjoyed myself trying new cuisine. It has its own unique taste that is totally different from my normal Chinese food. Moreover, this restaurant also tones down their spicness and oily taste to suit Malaysians tastebuds. My favourite dishes are Pork on the Hanger, Golden Corn, Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster and Pumpkin Bread. If you wanted to try new cuisine like me, give a try to this restaurant.

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Restoran Chu Cha Dan Fan

Cuisines Hunan

Restoran Chu Cha Dan Fan 粗茶淡饭 a Hunan dishes restaurant had an establish restaurant in Section 14, Petaling Jaya and now open their new branch in Kepong. "Chu Cha Dan Fan" mean simple rice and dish. Anywhere I found the dish serve here is not tha simple yet delicious.

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