kelvintan3 reviewed Crispy Crust Deep Fried Crispy Chicken @ Bandar Sunway

I definitely would say that their fried chicken is rightly their signature.
kelvintan3 reviewed Watami @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Watami has a very wooden appeal and cozy setting, a very Japanese feel to it.
kelvintan3 reviewed Kafe Vietnam @ Bandar Puteri

FYI, the civet cat coffee that this place get is from the wild instead of those cruel farms so, no guilty conscience on my part.
kelvintan3 reviewed Manhattan Fish Market @ Pavilion

The marshmallows on top are torched/flamed for awhile. Well, actually, it didn't do much for the taste for me. Tasted like normal marshmallows without the roasted taste.
kelvintan3 reviewed Bmon Cafe @ The Strand

The best thing about the waffles are......the waffles itself! Nice crispy texture with a thick enough rise to it and airy enough.
kelvintan3 reviewed Underground Societe Cafe @ Bandar Sunway

Underground Société will also be a cafe that push the boundaries on what a typical cafe sells and hence they have alcohol served as well.
kelvintan3 reviewed Baci Italian Cafe @ Citta Mall

A 9" pizza that contains beef bolognese, capsicum, arugula and mozzarella cheese. Not bad.
kelvintan3 reviewed Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel

Fried Buckwheat Noodles with Seafood. Not bad. Really different than the previous time I had though. Both versions are on par and are equally tasty in it's own way.