Ika Boutique Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12noon~9pm

我們都喜歡這個 Homemade Brownie with Ice Cream - Rm5.50 一冷一熱的口感很好!

masako7179 posted princessmasako80.blogspot.com 286 Reviews

Bear Paw 熊手

Cuisines Taiwanese Burger

Bear Paw 熊手包 @ PV128 is another brand new food from Taiwan. Here you can customised your bun. Very simple, just choose your type of bun, patty and sauce to add in. Overall the cute outlook is more attractive then the taste of food. The pau is soft, ingredient is OK but to my dismay they add in the sauce for you and it is too much!! I prefer my bun not too wet and hope they can left the sauces part to the customer.

Pohkemon posted pohkemonfooddiary.blogspot.com 197 Reviews