Tasty BBQ House 臘味無窮

Cuisines Chinese

We were lucky enough to get a batch of freshly roasted siu yoke, even though we visited in the evening.

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Sam Yu Seafood Restaurant (三有海鲜饭店)

Cuisines Chinese

The restaurant is quite good. Suitable for family gathering or casual dinner with your friends. The service was quite good too and their restaurant was renovated not long ago.

Nicely nestled in a corner shoplot in SS3, Petaling Jaya opposite a fenced up football field.

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Kashmir Cafe

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour 7.00am – 10.00pm daily

A modern banana leaf restaurant - very clean and cosy place. Excellent Briyani and Mutton Bone Curry, Fabulous Fruit Lassi....price comparable to most indian restaurant. Surely Cheaper than Raju's La Salle....

Overall, disappointed with their briyani rice which did not use Basmathi rice but taste of ordinary rice, their banana leaf rice seems like the better option.

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Restaurant Ah Soon Kor

Cuisines Chinese

Overall the food is just not that good for us. However, we will be back for the Vietnamese food. Keep It Up!!!

food2buzz posted foodtobuzz.blogspot.com 415 Reviews

Restoran Pom Pom

Cuisines Chinese Indian

Restoran Pom Pom you would think there would be a lot of fanfare but this is really a no nonsense chinese hawker store. It used to be called Sin Sing Kee but now it's Pom Pom and there's great fun in some of the hawker stalls here.

Wawasan Selera 33

Cuisines Indian

It is located in a foodcourt but is partly hidden within the office blocks and the SS 3 football field.Hmm to make it brief , just go to the website I have copied and pasted http://www.friedchillies.com/index.php/site/detail/banana-leaf-at-selera-wawasan-food-court/ (Contact 0122167587 (owner's name is Mr Pandian, Operating hours 6.30 am to 7 pm)

Kelana Recipe

Cuisines Indian