West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant

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Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Lunch: Open daily 12.00pm – 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays) 10.00am – 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays) Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Mondays to Sundays).

Reasons to visit: For the sensational Dim Sum creations, which are free of MSG; for the gracious surroundings; and for the gentle background music, which adds to the ambiance without drowning conversation.

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Avanti Italian-American Ristorante

Business Hour 11.30am - 2.30pm (Sat & Sun), 12.00pm - 2.30pm (Mon - Fri), 7.00pm - 10.30pm (Mon - Thurs & Sun) Lunch: 12.00noon – 2.30pm (Tue – Fri & Sun) Dinner: 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Tue – Sun) Closed on Saturday for lunch, and on Monday for lunch and dinner

Avanti brings Italian conviviality and contemporary America together in a casual atmosphere; resulting in the creation of time-honoured recipes with novel flavours. Experience and be captivated by our merry band of singing chefs and waiters who sing as they serve!

Sunway Resort Hotel

Cuisines Chinese

Choice wise, they have quite an impressive array of dishes from the western to the eastern.

The hotel proposed some of the menu for us to taste and also set up some samples of the tables for us to review.

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Cuisines Western

Celebration is meant to be a happy occasion, but the one that we had last Thursday at Fuzion Restaurant, Sunway Hotel was dreadful. It was a standard international buffet, with cooked seafood served at the bar, salad, appetizers, assorted meat like lamb, beef, venison, chicken, quil and prawn cooked in local and western style, limited selection of Chinese dim sum and not forgetting, the desserts. The selection pretty much covered everyone’s preference. 20 of us went for a celebration lunch but turned out 7 of us got severe food poisoning! This is the worst food poisoning experience I’ve ever had in my entire life, so far. It is my duty to share with you about this terrible dining experience I had at Fuzion Restaurant, Sunway Hotel. And now, whether to dine at this restaurant or not, the choice is in your hand.

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New Orleans Bar and Grill

Cuisines Western

The food is honest, warming, and satisfying, while the music soothes and the drinks relax the senses. Even the decor and the ambiance demands you slink back in your seat and slip off your shoes.

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