Restaurant Lorong Seratus Tahun

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Daily Breakfast and Lunch Time (Off Thursday) 7:30am to 2:30pm

Lorong Seratus Tahun is one of the places where you can find most of the famous Penang food.


Lorong Seratus Tahun curry mee is slightly mild and the taste is very depend on their homemade chilli paste. The best part is you can control the taste by yourself. I think I add in too many chilli end up quite spicy.

Pohkemon posted 197 Reviews

Lorong Seratus Penang Curry Mee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 7:30am to 2:30pm. Closed on every Thursday.

There are only two types of food available here- Curry Mee or Shrimp Crackers (Fried Fritters)/ Loh Bak. Prices are on the higher side but the quality pales when in comparison to others; definitely not the best in town.

Kenhuntsfood posted 780 Reviews