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Cuisines Local Pastries

Truthfully, their cakes are pretty alright, coffee is not bad.

ericyong77 posted 337 Reviews

Key Hiong Dim Sum 奇香饱饺点心

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Daily (7am-8pm)

Key Hiong Dim Sum Restaurant is just located at somewhere around “Ming Tien Food Court“, it’s just besides the Cake Sense.

Conclusion, total spend on this meal was RM43 for Two, slightly out of my expectation and expensive. But due to its quality of food, I would said that worth for the price.

nikelkhor posted 486 Reviews

Bakery Joy (欢欣西饼屋)

Cuisines Pastries

大家一定觉得很奇怪,为什么一间普通的西饼屋有什么好介绍的。欢欣西饼屋除了售卖各种各类的蛋糕面包以外,也有供应午餐。 这是蛋蛋和朋友们都极力推荐的海南鸡扒。这盘鸡扒的配料丰富,有薯條,沙律还有一粒荷包蛋!鸡扒上还淋上浓浓的蘑菇醬^^

zappalangzpl posted 74 Reviews

Rojak Penang (Pasembur) & Cendol Penang

Cuisines Local

Head to the nearest Cendol truck near you and get hydrated with these ICE cooling mouth-watering Cendol

Secret Recipe

Cuisines Western

cakes & pies to their noodles and western food

Mamarazzi got a slice of their yummy Chocolate Banana Cake and a Cup of Coffee. Yummmm....delicious.

small kucing posted 554 Reviews

Simply Sandwiches

Cuisines Western

Sandwiches packed with fibre and nutrient goodness available in 6 different fillings: 1. Egg - Velvety smooth eggs with a little mayo and black pepper. 2. Tuna - Not your average tuna with a hint of lime and curry. 3. Chicken salami - Sexy salami loaded with our special spicy sauce. 4. Beef salami - Sexy salami loaded with our special spicy sauce. And Introducing our NEW: 5. BBQ Chicken - Spiced chicken chunks with a hint of our special sauce. Slightly sweet and slightly smoky. 6. Smoked Salmon - Delicate smoked salmon in between bread spread with chives infused cream cheese. Rich and tasty at the same time. Prices range between Rm 6.00 and Rm 8.00 (except for the Salmon which costs RM 12.00) We also have two types of breads on offer: 1. Heavy Wholemeal - tasty and nutritious, you'd forget it's wholemeal! 2. Seeded Wholemeal (an extra 20 cents) - crunchy and nutty, provides an interesting chewy texture to your meal. We've added Drinks to out menu too! 1. Flavoured Tea: Peach, Lemon and Mixed Fruit - RM 2.50 per cup 2. Juice: Mangosteen, Mixed Berries and Mixed Veggies - RM 3.00 per cup