Che Go Korean BBQ

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Cuisines Korean

This Korean BBQ restaurant serves quite delicious food & the service is nice

Korean BBQ CHE GO at Sunway Pyramid

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Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 10AM - 10PM

If you have not tried them out yet, by all means, do drop by Myeongdong Topokki @ Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid the next time you're out shopping and feel like getting some nice Korean snacks. Be mindful the topokki can get really spicy though, so be ready to gulp down lots of those Korean juices!

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Bar.B.Q Plaza

Cuisines Korean

a place where you can do-it-yourself cooking on top of da table


We usually think about Thai food we will think of their Tom Yam soup, Pad Thai Noodles and their Green Curry cuisine. We are very glad now that there are something more can add on the list which is their BBQ meat. The difference is not the same than the Korean BBQ that I usually blog on. This is more to DIY BBQ and also their meat is original and not marinated. So the one and only BBQ meat in Thai style is at Bar B Q Plaza.

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The Street Cafe

Cuisines Korean

This just a little Korean corner at Asian Avenue.

Chego @ Sunway Pyramid

Cuisines Korean BBQ

Chego, the Korean BBQ restaurant is newly opened and situated at lower ground of new area in Sunway Pyramid. The Environment was full with sense of Korea.

Woo Ga Chon (우가촌)

Cuisines Korean

Woo Ga Chon (우가촌) serving Korean BBQ.

We totally enjoyed it. However, for times when you feel like having dinner with privacy, we would advise you not to have Korean BBQ as it would feel weird having someone standing right next to your table most of the time.

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