Take Eat Easy

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8.30am to 10.30pm

A bakery cafe with good,cozy environment which is suitable for family gathering as well as friends' group chat.

carene19 posted lovewinter19.blogspot.com 90 Reviews

Mizuiro Ramen+Coffee

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Wed & Thurs 12pm to 10pm Fri -Sun 11am to 10pm

Spicy Ramen, the soup was good, but the homemade ramen was not my favourite type.

Chiariyees posted chiariyees-coffeebread.blogspot.com 197 Reviews

Tasteful Cuisine 尝聚轩

Cuisines Chinese

I have been to a bad and worst restaurant ever. First stepped in, the lady was terrible manner like her restaurant the best in town. After taking order, she warned us that need to wait at least 45 minutes. What the hell was she talking to a customer. Seriously we waited for an hour, damn salty food served. I asked her why took such a long time to serve a normal meals, she mentioned only 1 chef in the kitchen. What the fxxk, you have not enough chef still acting like a five star restaurant. Need booking, CNY Eve dinner, please take a look at your restaurant first, even a normal walk in customer also can't fulfill, and how could you to serve the booking tables. Really frustrated with those terrible Chinese restaurant like this. Please do not try the restaurant especially with parents or friends. Haiz... Paisei

MM Lee posted

The Bird Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Thai
Business Hour daily (11 am - 11 pm).Closed on Monday

The Bird would be a good place to dine at where one can find a fusion of Chinese, Thai and Nyonya food.

Ketam Steamboat Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Steamboat

Honestly, the ingredient in Ketam Steamboat really fresh.

Pohkemon posted pohkemonfooddiary.blogspot.com 197 Reviews

Emperor Noodle Restaurant (Huang Di Noodle Palace)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am – 10pm (Daily)

Don't be frighten by the word "Emperor" the pricing is very affordable and not forgetting the food is awesome.

hAppYHapPy posted tailim.blogspot.com 740 Reviews

Golden Sweet Home Restaurant 唐人佳

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 06.00 a.m To 11.00 p.m

Golden Sweet Home Restaurant ( Tong Yan Kai ) Have been operating more than 6 years. Thousands and thousands of customers have been to our restaurant. Basically our restaurant is famous on all the local hawker food which we have more than 25 hawker stalls and serve more than 70 plus of delicacies food.

So far, we have never been disappointed by Sam’s yong tau fu but if there’s anything they could improve on, it might be the soup which tastes kind of light. Not necessarily a bad thing though, at least it’s not loaded with MSG.

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Restoran Sai Gong

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour closed either on Tuesday or Thursday to be on the safe side please call before you go Opens from 11am - 3 pm, 5.30 pm - 10.30pm

The shop was crowded and most importantly the food was very good.

hAppYHapPy posted tailim.blogspot.com 740 Reviews

Restoran Double One 双壹茶室

Cuisines Chinese

It is quite difficult to find a decently good Penang Char Hor Fun in Klang Valley and there is one now at Bandar Menjalara.

hAppYHapPy posted tailim.blogspot.com 740 Reviews

Homeli Tasti Food

Cuisines Chinese

Food Rating 7/10, pretty good as the overall dish is simple and nice

taufulou posted www.taufulou.com 674 Reviews

Restaurant Niji Sushi

Cuisines Japanese

Try out if you are craving for Japanese food at Kepong. Quite noisy environment.

As the meal at Niji was just 'edible' and nothing to shout about. The rice served is local rice and lack of flavour. The set looked a bit 'pathetic'... to be honest!.

ojsiew posted ojsiew.blogspot.com 633 Reviews

Silver Spoon Trattoria

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour 11:30am-3pm(lunch); 6pm-10:30pm(dinner)

I’m glad about the presence of such cozy family restaurant in my neighborhood, although not everything we had on that evening managed to WOW us but will definitely come back for its wallet friendly and good sharing portion food

mimid3vils posted www.choiyen.com 419 Reviews

Restoran Wei Sun

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 10.30 am - 11 pm

Wei Sun is famous for its loh mee cooked with liquor even though they do offer a variety of Chinese dishes. Customers obviously go there for the loh mee instead since every table we saw has at least a bowl of the noodle.

kuanfoodfetish posted www.kuanfoodfetish.com 166 Reviews

Blockhouse Eastern & Western Dining

Cuisines Asian Western
Business Hour Mon - Thur & Sun: 12.00pm - 1.00am. Fri & Sat: 12.00pm - 2.00am

Must try the German Style Charcoal Roast Turkey. It's taste good with their secret recipe cooking

posted malaysiasfood.com

Restoran Hokkien Mee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Opening at evening till late night

If you are staying in Kepong or nearby, this new Hokkien Mee stall can be one of your newly eating place. This stall is operate at the walkway of Restaurant Double One (Daytime Kopitiam) at Bandar Menjalara. The corner shop in the first row of shoplot facing Petronas Petrol Station.

Pohkemon posted pohkemonfooddiary.blogspot.com 197 Reviews