Restoran Angcle Peoh

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Cuisines Asian
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 9 am to 9 pm (except the Mondays for May, 2014)

Looking for authentic Penang Laksa, I am sure this is one of the place to be.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Bar-B-Q Plaza

Cuisines Thai

Bar-B-Q Plaza is a Thai chain serving an interesting variety of grill-steamboat-fusion cuisine.

The damage for the whole meal was around RM 77. Just nice and economical~!!! So for those who like BBQ, I highly recommend this place.

stevenycs posted 281 Reviews

Lavender Bakery

Cuisines Western

I really enjoy the pumpkin bread from lavender. The bread was not too hard and the pumpkin filling was not sweet. My only feedback to lavender was the services at cashier counter. Though the customer queue was long the cashier may felt overwhelmed and grouchy.

Rantingkiasuching posted


Cuisines Chinese

Fried La Mian with Meat and Black Fungus is tasty. It tasted better than I expected. Personally I am very particular about noodles, likely because my relatives are noodles makers. I like handmade noodles.

jkdrooling posted 199 Reviews

Hok Seng Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Excellent sweet and sour pork ... And perfectly cooked mantis shrimp in ham-tan (salted egg) too!

juliansi posted 1033 Reviews

Che Go Korean BBQ

Cuisines Korean

Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese

It was a nice simple Japanese meal, and overall I have to say I am impressed by the quality of concept

Mr. Dorayaki

Cuisines Japanese

Black Canyon

Cuisines Western

Restoran Hainan Curry Rice

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 5pm to 9pm

The Char Siew was lovely, not exactly BBQ but more like fried. The meat is lean yet it was still tender with a slight crisp. Hainan Char Siew (BBQ pork) is their best sellers.

The damage for two person, less than RM 20.00. (Rating : 4.0 out of 5.0).

stevenycs posted 281 Reviews

Lavender Bistro

Cuisines Western

Penang Nyonya

Cuisines Nyonya
Business Hour Shopping mall business hour

Nothing much special about the foods. The hokkien mee taste not bad and the asam laksa is average taste only. The Pie Tee is good when taken with the sambal.


The star dish was the prawn sambal though the rest was ok and acceptable in taste

Nava Krishnan posted 188 Reviews