Restoran 2008 Snow Beer

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Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Dinner time from 7pm to 11pm

Overall, the food at 2008 Snow Beer exceeded my initial expectations so no wonder they have a huge following of customers.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews
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Restaurant Hoo Yee

Cuisines Chinese

Its in the Yu Lek area. At the traffic light, whereby if you go straight and head towards the Yu Lek Market (all the Chee Cheong Fun stalls), turn right instead. Abit down the road, theres a fork. Keep to the right and straight down a bit more. The restaurant is on your left.

Foong Jie Lok Lok

Cuisines Chinese Non-Halal

Roadside stall with a wide offering of Malaysian street "food-on-sticks" dipped in a pot of boiling water, and eaten with gravy/ sauces.