Foodie Review

I Love Hokkien Mee 我愛福建面

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1700-0200

Would definitely return to try out the other dishes the next round! posted 169 Reviews

Uncle Botak Chu Char (光头叔煮炒)

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1730-2230 (daily) Closed on Tuesdays (fortnightly)

Will I return? I would coz this is the only time they really screwed up, after so many satisfied visits! posted 169 Reviews

Restaurant Sun Ming

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Closed on Tuesdays Business opened till 4pm the latest

This delicious tummy filling brunch cost us RM 38.80 with 4 fragrant oiled rice. Wonderful! Must come again sometime soon! posted 169 Reviews

Lao Peng You Seafood Restaurant (老朋友海鲜饭店)

Cuisines Chinese

Totaled at RM 42.00 which is consider reasonable but the saltiness of the dishes kinda kill it! Anyway, would like to give it another try the next time around but on different dishes. posted 169 Reviews

Hoi Sum Chu Char (开心煮炒)

Cuisines Chinese

Nothing extraordinary but suffice if you’re looking for a simple Chu Char around the neighbourhood. Do remind the chef on the usage of salt if one ever visit this outlet! posted 169 Reviews

Goh Thew Chik Hainan Chicken Rice

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am til late evening

This meal costs us only RM 18.00 inclusive of 4 fragrant oiled rice and an ice Chinese tea. Won’t mind coming back when we crave for some chicken rice in Penang. posted 169 Reviews

Ho Ping Coffee Shop

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 5pm till late night Closed on Thursdays

No garlic oil and MSG is added. The food is always served to the customer steaming hot. Do go there earlier to avoid waiting as it can sometimes take up to an hour.

Besides selling pork noodle, this stall is also famous for it’s pig innards porridge (猪杂粥). Will I return? I might but this time I wanna sample the porridge instead. Love the fried and crispy intestines! posted 169 Reviews

Ong Swee Hoe Duck & Chicken Drumstick Noodle (温瑞和/

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 0800-1300 Closed – Alternate Sundays

It’s definitely worth the while with the price they are selling here, even without the mee suah! There’s no way we can enjoy a bowl of double boiled herbal soup at this kinda price in KL! Will certainly come back for the Duck Drumstick Mee Suah (鸭腿面线) the next round! posted 169 Reviews

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Indian
Business Hour 24 hours Closed on alternate Tuesdays Close for Fridays prayers: 1300-1400

Most authentic nasi kandar in Penang for 50 years. It taste even better when eat with hand.

I don’t think it’s expensive as some claimed but was disappointed of not having the hot meals which I was looking forward to. Anyway, I shall return and make sure I get to enjoy what I’ve missed this round! Have my hot stuffs ready Kader! posted 169 Reviews

DeHappy Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Seafood: 5.30 pm- 12 midnight Porridge: 9.30pm – 5.30am Open Daily

Not terribly expensive but still on the high side if compared to seafood restaurants in Bukit Tambun or Batu Maung. One would be SAFE if they ignore the recommendations by the Managers. Nevertheless, we have ourselves an enjoyable meal in a nice environment seafood restaurant. posted 169 Reviews

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Seafood
Business Hour 11am - 11pm

We go to this restaurant whenever we go to Bukit Tambun for seafood. Cheap and good!!!

Overall, we all felt that the standard kinda dropped at GS, but nevertheless, we had a great meal at a very reasonable price and there’s no match from seafood restaurants in KL, so, no complaints! posted 169 Reviews

Hu Jing Ge Chienese Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines Chinese

Overall, the food is good and most of all the price is very reasonable for a hotel standard. Good place to bring friends and visitors for a nice lunch or dinner. Worth giving it a try if you are in Taiping. posted 169 Reviews

Restoran Yut Sun

Top 500 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines Hainanese Halal
Business Hour Opens from 8am until 7pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

There is this place in Taiping where it serves really good authentic Hainanese food.

Affordable and good food but must remind the chef to control the level of salt when ordering. Will definitely come back if I visit Taiping again. posted 169 Reviews


Cuisines Chinese

This place is a total rip off!! I would never put my foot ever again into this place, even if it’s for FREE!! And yes, I’m pissed! posted 169 Reviews

Sisters Curry Laksa (Seapark)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 0900-2100

Not expensive given the fact that the food served is worth the price. Will come back. posted 169 Reviews