Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant

Top 50 Restaurants in Melaka
Cuisines Chinese Hainanese
Business Hour noon – 11pm (closed on alternate Tuesdays)

The off-day is alternate Wednesday, has changed. Thus, please call to find out, especially outstation eater.

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Hai Nan Town

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Nyonya Hainanese
Business Hour 11.30am to 12am, Closed on Monday 6.00pm – 11.00pm

Hai Nan Town was indeed a great place for entertaining friends and guest.

My family enjoy the meal here. . . and ambiance is nice especially for family meal and this restaurant is a Halal Restaurant.

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Restoran Hainan Kitchen

Top 50 Restaurants in Pahang
Cuisines Hainanese
So so


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Hainanese Delights Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Hainanese Western
Business Hour 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm Closed On Monday

This restaurant is operated by a Hainanese, while the food is cooked by a Hainanese chef too. The menu of this restaurant brings a selection of Hainanese specialties and some western-style dishes.

Quite similar to nyonya food but not as many spices in it.

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Restoran Yut Sun

Top 500 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines Hainanese Halal
Business Hour Opens from 8am until 7pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

There is this place in Taiping where it serves really good authentic Hainanese food.

Affordable and good food but must remind the chef to control the level of salt when ordering. Will definitely come back if I visit Taiping again.

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Sin Kheang Aun Restaurant

Business Hour 11am - 2.30pm and 5pm - 8.30pm (Closed on every alternate Mondays)

This restaurant is very popular with the locals and tourists for its Hainanese food and also local dishes. Specialist of this restaurant includes the Curry Gulai Tumis, Kerabu Prawns, Hainanese Pork/Chicken Chop and many other selections of dishes.

ARCH Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour 7AM - 7PM

Enjoy the Lee family's own well-kept recipes such as Hainanese Chicken Chop, Malaya Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice Balls in an Art-Deco setting. Andrew Lee, the Founder of ARCH, established Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and created the iconic I ♥ KL structure at DataranMerdeka, where the gallery stands. Andrew, together with his family, started ARCH Café to revive their family’s own well-kept recipes such as the signature Hainanese Chicken Chop, Malaya Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice Balls while new innovations such as the Durian Pancake has become a popular sought-after delicacy. The cafe’s embellishments are inspired by the ambience of Old Market Square in the 1930’s during the Art-Deco era. The Lee family welcomes you to ARCH Café, where they provide an authentic palate experience for every patron.

Choon Guan Coffee Shop

Cuisines Chinese Hainanese
Business Hour 6am to 6pm

It's a traditional hainanese coffee shop since 1956. Business hour : Price : Kaya RM 2.50 Contact : 03-31686828 or 014-6238791 (Sms mobile number would be preferred) Email : choonguan1956@gmail.com Facebook: Choon Guan Coffee Shop https://www.facebook.com/pages/Choon-Guan-Coffee-Shop/122694307870446?fref=ts

Hai Onn Hainanese Restaurant

Cuisines Hainanese
Business Hour 8am - 9pm (for the coffee shop) 11am - 9pm (for the restaurant) Close on Monday.

This Coffee Shop is one of the few old style traditional Hainanese restaurant around Georgetown. This place has a hawker stall selling koay teow soup in the morning. rom noon onwards, this place operates as a restaurant.

Restoran Yuen Yuen (Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball)

Cuisines Chinese Hainanese
Business Hour Lunch Hour

It is the closer Klang Valley folk to taste the real hainanese Chicken rice ball!

My Kitchen Restaurant

Cuisines Hainanese
Business Hour Mon - Sun (11.00am - 3.00pm, 6.00pm - 10.00pm)

They specialize in Malacca & Hainanese cuisines.

Nasi Ayam Hailam Damansara Utama

Cuisines Hainanese

If you like chicken rice, try this. Don't forget the chili and ginger sauce!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Cuisines Chinese Hainanese

Service was quick, and the manager was most attentive and friendly.

Tappers Cafe

Cuisines Western Hainanese

We've been decided to visit there for sometimes.. and here we go, Tappers Cafe!! Their restaurant's theme is WHITE!! >.< There even have chef's recommended, breakfast set and lunch set too!! It's not only western food, but there do serve varieties of food such as rice, spaghetti, and side dishes..

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Hainanese Chicken Rice Shack

Cuisines Hainanese
Business Hour sold out by 2pm

A must for the connosieur – tastes like Nam Heong back in the 60s.