idontcryieat reviewed KomPassion Thai Fusion Food @ Damansara Utama

For me, KomPassion’s dishes were somewhat experimental obviously because it is a fusion restaurant but at the same time certain elements in the dishes bring your tastebuds right back home which is always a nice feeling.
idontcryieat reviewed Catch 22 @ Oceania Hotel

Catch22 is definitely a refreshing alternative for the Sabah Seafood scene. I do love my steamed fish and prawns Chinese Style but I do crave my cheesy risottos and baked fish! Make sure you go with empty stomachs though as the mains are very filling!
idontcryieat reviewed LVE @ C'haya Hotel

A superb idea since great food, good company and interesting conversation are what makes a fantastic time.
idontcryieat reviewed Wanyan Rooftop Cafe @ Klagan Hotel

The food was truly satisfying and our party of 10 picked at each other's plates thanks to food envy and the consensus was that the burger and the fried beehoon were the best dishes.
idontcryieat reviewed The Glass Bar & Grill @ Suria Sabah Shopping Centre

The menu boasts a wide range: from Indian, Chinese, Western and Italian. The price range can go from cheap to around RM100 plus so it's useful when some diners wish to have their steak or a quick pizza to go!
idontcryieat reviewed Chiwawa Mexican Food @ Jesselton

Reasonably priced, quick and fun, Chiwawa provides a great little spot for Gaya Street workers who are bored of their mundane lunches without having to fork out heaps (if only I worked around here!).
idontcryieat reviewed Bomber's Burger @ Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu

The newest kid on the food block in the little group of the ever eventful Gaya Street, Bombers Burgers' restaurant looks a classic American diner with some edge.
idontcryieat reviewed Alu Alu Restaurant @ Jesselton Point

The menu is not very extensive but I guess the cafe sticks to what it's good at: fresh fish and veggies orientated dishes.
idontcryieat reviewed Cafe Boleh @ Sutera Harbour Resort

I didn't know what to expect from Ramadan buffets. I actually expected that all the dishes would be Malay cuisine but the cafe boasted western dishes as well to satisfy a variety of cravings.