Sweet Poems 糖柏府 Dessert House

Cuisines Hong Kong Taiwanese

BEST Mango dessert in Kuala Lumpur! Delivery available for areas around Sg. Wang, Times Square and Imbi Plaza.


Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour Tel: 03-21489686

主食熊掌刈包一口咬下时觉得味道有点怪怪的。蛋蛋还特意地把包,鸡肉,酱料分开吃看哪一个地方出错了,才发现原来是全部东西结合的味道不太配。。。汗! 分开吃各个部位的味道ok.

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Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Express 鲜定味台湾快餐

Cuisines Taiwanese

Guess I’ll not return for more although their sets are quite worth it but tastewise, it’s not too inviting and memorable after all.

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