Tokyo Pastry

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Cuisines Japanese Pastries
Business Hour 10am - 10pm

A superb location for tea time but a so so choice for a proper meal.

Sherlyn Lee posted 15 Reviews

Riche Montana Bakery

Cuisines Japanese Pastries

Riche Montana Bakery is runned and managed by 100% Japanese. Their cakes, pastries, buns and puffs are very Nippon-ish - delicacy and varieties.

What so particular of this bakery is that it is run by Korean people. Korean bakers, Korean cashiers.

d_luaz posted

Beard Papa's

Cuisines Japanese Pastries

The shop offers delicious cream puffs which use the best ingredient including vanilla bean pods for the custard cream. It was started 1997 in Japan, and till today, you can find outlet in Hong Kong, Singapore, Hollywood, Beijing, Hawaii, New York... etc, and Malaysia, recently opened an outlet in Mid Valley megamall.