Riche Montana Bakery

Cuisines Japanese Pastries

Riche Montana Bakery is runned and managed by 100% Japanese. Their cakes, pastries, buns and puffs are very Nippon-ish - delicacy and varieties.

What so particular of this bakery is that it is run by Korean people. Korean bakers, Korean cashiers.

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May Keng Cafe

Cuisines Chinese

May Keng has already built quite an excellent state of prominence with their specialty of Lam Mee. Nestled in Pudu, it has extended further to other areas to draw even more different customers in. Its branch in Seri Kembangan has really good business.

Well, I not really fancy about Lam Mee so I not too sure how to describe it. But for sure the taste is much better than other place. Probably the soup base. Not too starchy...

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Gasoline Cafe

Cuisines Western

They have a fusion of food! A mix of everything and their prices are darn cheap! Dim lightings and beautifully decorated walls gives a great ambience for diners.

Mee & Rice

Cuisines Western

The Interior of the place is very modern n pretty. Very nice place for chit chat over a meal.


Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 10.00am - 11.30pm(Weekday),10.00am - 10.00pm(Weekend)

we headed to Serdang for some nice hot Pig Intestine Pepper Soup ! AHEKO Hot Soup Restaurant is located next to South Sity Plaza in Serdang.Non-Asians might get a little turned off by the name of the soup, but trust me … try it and you might get hooked to it.

This restaurant doesn't only make sure their food is up to the standard. They also make sure when you go to the Loo, you'll be relax enough to let whatever come out.

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Riollo Dessert House

Cuisines Local

Authentic Malaysia Home cooked Food


Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour 10.00am - 10.00pm

This restaurant serve Taiwanese Cuisine from Pear Milk Tea to Taiwan Noodles.

Another discovery of affordable food. Contented with ourselves!

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