Kopitiam Que Up

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Business Hour from 11.00am until all are gone

Liang Gei

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The noodle served in the coffee shop was very nice. Springy and "Q". Its one of the top grade noodle.

USJ2 Hawker

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Sea Emperor

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I had passed by this place sometime ago and it seemed to be fairly popular with the diners of USJ.

Restaurant Le Kwang Sdn Bhd (利广美食中心)

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Nice fish soup together with thick Rice vermicelli plus tasty fish paste. Should give it a try.

Restoran Kopitiam Que-up

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Mr Mak’s Fish head Noodles

Crunchy and delicious but ours was a little over fried and too salty.

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Restoran Yu Ai

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The soup was tasty. Had enough coconut milk in it to give it a real oomph and best of all, very little MSG. I drank my bowl dry and didn't suffer for it. So that is very good.

Happy Beans Cafe

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Happy Beans have a range of shaved ice with fruits.

Apart from mango lo, they also had yam desert, tou fu fa and tong sui.

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