Grand Steamboat Garden

Cuisines Chinese

This shabu-shabu concept is quite a hit as it is thought to be more hygienic too. Choose your own soup base and savour a whole pot of steamboat goodies for yourself.

ChristineLeng posted 450 Reviews

Batu Road Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee

Cuisines Chinese

Chilly pan mee is a normal bowl of stringy pan mee (flour noodles), topped with a poached egg, cooked mince pork, crispy anchovies (ikan bilis), fried onions with some spring onions.


Egg yolk added the extra creamy texture to Pan Mee as if it just slipped down my throat. Add that with chili flakes that would escalate the spiciness in my taste bud. Not to mention crispy deep fried anchovies along with flavorful minced meat that were on their way deep down to my stomach. It was indeed an eating pleasure with everything harmonizing inside the mouth.

Cheryl Chan Photography posted 81 Reviews

Restoran Sin Kong

Cuisines Chinese

The stew was full of herbs which really gave the meat a very lovely herbal taste.

Restoran Nanking

Cuisines Chinese

Drinks were horrible.

The wok hei is good here and ... the noodle glistens... But surprisingly it was not oily.

neko1712 posted 145 Reviews

Kedai Kopi Nanking

Cuisines Indian Chinese

Liang Gei

Cuisines Chinese

The noodle served in the coffee shop was very nice. Springy and "Q". Its one of the top grade noodle.

Sea Emperor

Cuisines Chinese

I had passed by this place sometime ago and it seemed to be fairly popular with the diners of USJ.