LOKL Coffee Company

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Cuisines Western Cafe
Business Hour Tue - Sun: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Closed on Monday

LOKL is a neighbourhood cafe in the historic heart of KL. We serve espressos and local coffee, hot sandwiches with a local twist, and cakes and pastries.


Food was exceptionally good even for lunch set, while the cafe was buzzing with people, but they came in small portion. I still felt hungry afterwards lol.

aiena posted

Peter Hoe Evolution + Beyond

Cuisines Western Cafe

Most of the knick knacks are imported from all over the world (mostly Asia I think) Lots of beautiful pillows, candle holders, lamps, bags, boxes, glasswares, accessories and etc. Peter Hoe Evolution, a nice place to shop and also chit chat over some tea and munchies.

It was good! ... It's hidden inside Lee Rubber building (2nd floor), that's above Popular Bookstore in Petaling Street.

Chiariyees posted chiariyees-coffeebread.blogspot.com 197 Reviews