aiena reviewed Burps & Giggles @ Jalan Sultan Yussuf

Burgers were good, and despite their deceiving sizes, one burger can fill up 2 stomachs. Well, at least for ladies. Lol
aiena reviewed LOKL Coffee Company @ Jalan Tun H.S. Lee

Food was exceptionally good even for lunch set, while the cafe was buzzing with people, but they came in small portion. I still felt hungry afterwards lol.
aiena reviewed Three Little Birds Coffee @ d7

Mocha comes in dark or dulcey, and the dark one is my personal favourite. The more bitter, the better. Paired with Jeslyn's cheesecake, they're just perfect.
aiena reviewed Flat White Cafe @ Ss 15

Flat White Cafe was the reason I became addicted to Mocha. Soooo good!
aiena reviewed D'Bakul Indonesian Cuisine @ Taipan Business Centre

The lunchtime dishes were good. But last I checked, restaurant not operating anymore (2015)
aiena reviewed Grafa @ Ss 15

So so
Grafa used to be my fave hangout place at night with friends. And it used to be reasonably priced. I dunno what happened, one week I went, it was like usual, the next week, the price hiked up tremendously. To be fair, we like the cool ambiance and coffee is good too. But now, not on our top list anymore.