Masako公主世界 by masako7179

286 Reviews
告以色列的神說:「甚願你賜福與我,擴張我的境界,常與我同在,保佑我不遭患難,不受艱苦。」神就應允他所求的。阿門(歷上 4:10)
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Drops of Contentment by dropsofcontentment

144 Reviews
What began as a simple way for a young couple to keep track of their experiences with food together, soon turned into a passion for sharing all of life's contentment with others. Fuelled by a love for writing, Adam and Wendy dedicate Drops of Contentment towards chronicling their food-tasting, globe-trotting, and movie adventures. Within the past year, Drops of Contentment has become a labour of love for the (still) young couple, believing what they share brings good value to their readers.
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