♥ by carolyntay

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I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger, maybe with a tint of fashion. I don't think I'm a "fashionista" but I admit that I'm a Shopaholic instead. The reason why I blog is to share my love and interest with people around me and probably make new friends all around the world.
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careless little hamster by Firelyamber

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Hi, I’m Amber Khoo . I love photography . I love conceptual photography very much, and I’m always looking for new concepts and models ! Do visit my photography page and support me dearly ! I love music. Pop, sentimental, alternative rock, trance, dubstep, R&B .. You name it ! Late Night Alumni, ATB, Automatic Loveletter, The Pierces, Rusko .. The best part of my life is going to food reviews with my mummy dearest. I survive to eat good food . Teehee . I used to write for Niexter @ News Straits Times . Of course, not anymore as I have passed the age limit . ):
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missyblurkit by missyblurkit

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Join me in my adventures as I take your through food, travels, cars, animals, recipes, beauty and anything that tickles my fancy.
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Malaysian Foodie by pamela_ybc

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Malaysia Food Blog - which intro you from cheap hawker food to fine dining in Malaysia
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