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Welcome to our humble photo-blog, created in honour of our devotion to the everyday food for the everyday person, and our travels where our 'perut' (tummy) leads the way. We're no food critics... but we know what we like!
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careless little hamster by Firelyamber

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Hi, I’m Amber Khoo . I love photography . I love conceptual photography very much, and I’m always looking for new concepts and models ! Do visit my photography page and support me dearly ! I love music. Pop, sentimental, alternative rock, trance, dubstep, R&B .. You name it ! Late Night Alumni, ATB, Automatic Loveletter, The Pierces, Rusko .. The best part of my life is going to food reviews with my mummy dearest. I survive to eat good food . Teehee . I used to write for Niexter @ News Straits Times . Of course, not anymore as I have passed the age limit . ):
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Lisa Noms! by lisanoms

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Plain white rice tastes awful once you've been spoiled with saffron rice. Margerine is an unacceptable cake making ingredient once you've tasted butter! Soggy fried fish fillet from a buffet meal only tastes great when one is starving; likewise, when down with the flu, the 'best' food out there can never do for you what a bowl of porridge or chicken soup can. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my reviews!
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Travel the World by eric.skchee

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我的脚印 『世界是一本書,不旅行的人只讀了一頁』 我是一个摄影的爱好者~目前在马来西亚从业于网络事业。 希望能放下城市里烦恼。成为背包一族,使用手中的单眼把世界文化风情都拍制成一本『世界日记』。 世界之大,个人的力量显得特别渺小~
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