Flame Steamboat Restaurant @ Krystal Point

Krystal Point, Bayan Baru, Penang
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AddressIt is located in Bayan Lepas area, in Krystal Point.
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“Flame” Steamboat Restaurant is opened by a quite famous Hong Kong actor in the 90s, Mark Cheng.
Prosperity Set” for RM168.00, The cheapest set comes at RM38.00

Buffet (RM23.00 nett per person)
Normal buffet consists of salad, an unusual appetizer (keropok with fruits salad), fried noodles, fish fillet, tiny fried shrimp, choice of jasmine green tea, lemon tea or orange juice, and ice cream. Steamboat buffet, on the other hand, means buffet steamboat on top of the normal buffet.
Herbal Ching Thong, Ma Lat (spicy and numbing) and even Winter Melon Soup, Kimchim mushroom, sui kao, yam paste slices, fish paste cubes(nice!) and some bean curd, vegetables, slices of pork meat, fish balls, pastes and noodles, crab, prawns, cuttlefish, mutton , Peanuts
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