Faces Steak Garden

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 6pm to 1am

Although the food here are not that fantastic, they are very affordable. Nice Place. Good Taste with the Best Price. Faces Steak Corner has been a bustling, friendly dining place at the Tanjung Tokong area ever since its existence.

FourSeason Bakery

Cuisines Pastries
Business Hour 11am till 10pm daily

Fourseason Bakery的马卡龙甜度恰恰好,不会太甜得令人难受。此马卡龙还标明了'Crisp and rich but not overly sweet'光看这就足以令人放心了。

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Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10 am to 12 am [weekdays] 9 am to 12 am [weekends & public holidays]

This is our first time trying this restaurant after been recommended by my brother. My wife and me tried the Braised Lambshank and Pesto Chicken and found they are below our expectation and overpriced. In my humble opinion, the lambshank is not as fresh and soft like Secret Recepie; for the Pesto Chicken, the portion is a bit overwhelmed for my wife and it is not really impressive. I am curious maybe we are not trying the right stuff but the food attendant is not helpful and the menu had no picture at all showing the real presentation of food. I think this shouldnt be happened in a professional restaurant who demand higher than average price tag and for us they under-deliver and a no for us.

davidchoo posted

Tari Cafe

Cuisines Malay

Tari Café once was a small little burger stall selling burgers along the Penang famous Gurney Drive seafront. The burger stall attracted visitors walking pass with their dancing act of flying the burgers and receiving it on the toasted bread and squeezing the sauce and ingredients with style and skills. Because of its demo, people would patronized and order their burgers while watching the little act. It is also notably of it good taste with the burgers grilled to perfection. The Penang government was very concern of the cleanliness of the Gurney Drive as these hawkers left over a substantial amount of rubbish to be clean up each day and these has prompted the government to find a more suitable place for them to do business. Eventually, a new place opposite the seafront was setup to house all the hawkers and to maintain the cleanliness of the Gurney Drive seafront. From then onwards, Tari Café was moved to an old Malay house at the crossroad junction of Tanjung Tokong somewhere in 1988. In front of the Tari Café was a motor cycle repair garage owned by Kim Chye. After a short one year period, this motor cycle garage was relocated to make way for Tari Café to expand it business from burger to mee jawa, and western food.

Hainan Western

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 6.30pm to 12.00am

One thing to comment on was the price on the western food. Compared to prices shown in some blogs back in year 2009, the price had increased 50 cents when I last dine in on August 2010.

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Bella Marino

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open Daily Lunch: 11am to 3pm Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

The spaghetti was good, al dente, the way I like.

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Charlie Brown Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11.30am - 11.00pm

I do suggest here for dating venue if plan to have some nice/sweet talk with date.

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Noor Bee Nasi Melayu

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour 8am - 3pm or until sold out

The curry fish head ranges from RM 25 - RM 30+. Overall pricing is reasonable for the dishes.

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Breeze Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 6.30pm – 1.00am (Mon-Thur), 6.30pm – 2.00am (Fri-Sun) Note: Kitchen will close an hour earlier.

They do serve Western food, noodles & rice dishes, finger food up to ice creams, coffee and hard liquors.

Agua Mediterranean Cuisine

Business Hour 11am – 11pm Daily

Paella Cookout happens every 3rd Wednesday of the month (a welcome midweek pick-me-up-er, I must say!). Purchase tickets for the cookout online (in advance) at a very reasonable RM38++.

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Kaffa Kaffe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10.00am-1.00am (last order 10.30pm – extended hours during peak period)