P.S. Tokyo

Cuisines Dessert

Look out unto the busy streets of SS2 while enjoying your ice cream

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Dessert House (Tian Pin Ge Ge)

Cuisines Dessert

Tim Pan Kor Kor, a new addition to the already happening row of shop lot in SS2 besides KTZ (reviews here & here), Sanbanto & A Little Dim Sum Place.

The desserts there are so so lah but damn a lot of people go there.

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Lims Tau Fu Fa

Cuisines Dessert


Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 10am - 10pm daily

The pearls are still undefeated. Favourite Chatime outlet due to the lack of traffic, and easy parking!

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Tutti Frutti

Cuisines Dessert

This is nice and totally different from ice cream and gelato.

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SS2 Durian Station

Cuisines Dessert

Durian SS2 showcasing their website, and I checked out the website, minimal information but you will be able to see exactly how each type of Durian looks like. Durian also online now ok!

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