Withlocals - Home Dining

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Cuisines Nyonya

It was an authentic spread of Nyonya dishes. A great experience; first time with dining the chefs. The concept is also available in other countries as well.


Withlocals - Home Dining. Lovely authentic Nyonya dishes in a home and private setting. It was an experience; a first time with the chefs dining together.

Nava Krishnan posted www.nava-k.com 188 Reviews

Maidah Cuisine

Near GIANT Putra Heights and same row with BANK ISLAM Putra Heights.


Crazy on chicken chop the most, served with Homemade Oriental Chili sauce, Coleslaw and French Fries.

Aida Zakaria posted

Ai Yogurt

Cuisines Dessert

Ai Yogurt is totally different from those yogurt that you can find ubiquitously in the supermarket; they are freshly made and most importantly, they are free from any food additive and food preservative.

EuniceEunny posted www.greentearedbean.com 215 Reviews


Cuisines Cakes Sweets

If you have been saying Secret Recipe serves the best cakes, it could be you have yet to find a finer bakery. Being one of my favourites, Sinful-Liciouz uses the finest quality of ingredients in the baking and hence offers moist and fine textural cakes, flavourful and aromatic cookies and pastry. They are famous for the moist chocolate cakes. Moreover, they have been baking for the festive seasons like Chinese New Year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I have tried ordering cookies from them last year for Chinese New Year and the cookies were just yummy! Almond biscotti, chocolate chips with walnut and cranberry butter cookies are among the best I have tried. These cookies are just rich in every ingredient that is used at the right amount. Your taste bud will definitely be able to judge if RM20 a canister is worth every cent you pay. It is really satisfying!

relishbyrae posted relishbyrae.blogspot.com 14 Reviews