Old Mantin (老文丁)

Top 50 Restaurants in Negeri Sembilan
Cuisines Chinese Hakka
Business Hour <s>6-11pm everyday except Sunday</s> 7am - 3:30pm. Everyday except Monday

Old Mantin prepares and serves traditional Chinese rice pudding. Rice pudding was originally a dessert found in the regions of Guangdong and Xiamen. It was brought to Malay Peninsular when the Southern Chinese migrated here. As the time went by, many traditional desserts were not passed down and disappeared along the way. Old Mantin inherits the authentic rice pudding recipe and method of preparation. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful traditional dessert.

Charcoal Grilled Kampung Chicken

Top 100 Restaurants in Negeri Sembilan
Cuisines Chinese

Business was brisk with the aroma of charcoal grilled kampung chicken and duck wafting the air around the shack. Parking is ample beside the shack.

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Restaurant Tasty Land

Top 100 Restaurants in Negeri Sembilan
Cuisines Local
Business Hour Early morning till about 12.30pm.

Home made prawn noodles in Penang style. It's very fortunate that the family who operates this small business is able to make at home their best prawn noodles in Seremban region. The prawn soup, which is the essence of the prawn soup, is made with great care in the home setting, retaining the original freshness of the prawn taste.Although the business is small, it sees many customers from Seremban who probably have tried the prawn noodles before. Its location at Mantin - 15 minutes drive from Seremban, means going from Seremban or anywhere near this region is easy. The owner of the business can proudly tell you that it's of the same taste as the prawn noodles in Penang - and the place is probably the ONLY place you can try such prawn noodles in the region. Having Penang prawn noodles does not require a long trip to Penang anymore !