Coya Healthy Cuisine

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Top 50 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Open From Tuesday To Sunday, Time From 10Am To 10Pm Close On Monday

它坐落在Lorong Selamat的尾端,是家素食料理餐厅,走着健康路线的它,蛮受大众欢迎。

applefish posted 192 Reviews

Kafe Heng Huat 興發茶室

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11.00am till 5.00pm

Kuey Teow was fried under charcoal fire.

This was indeed a satisfying plate of CKT. Pleasant smoky aroma, adequately moist but not greasy and laden with ingredients such as fresh huge prawns, Chinese waxed sausage, cockles, and crunchy bean sprouts.

mimid3vils posted 419 Reviews

Prawn Mee Shop (虾面之家)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Monday to Saturday, 8am to 10pm; Sunday, 7:30am to 6pm. Closed on every Wednesday.

The place to satisfy your stomach for the dish of yellow noodles mixed with vermicelli drenched in spicy broth made of pork and prawn; topped with crunchy bean sprouts, slices of lean pork, boiled eggs and shredded prawns. - See more at: Personally think that there are other hokkien mee which taste better in Penang. The bowl of hokkien mee tastes good, yet not the top notch.

carene19 posted 90 Reviews

Lorong Selamat char koay teow

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour opens daily from 1100 – 1800 closed on every Tuesday

Lorong Selamat char koay teow has been featured in Ho Chiak months ago. It's running by 2 ladies right outside an old kopitiam. This char koay teow is a bit special as compare to others, because they are quite strong in flavor. You will need to queue up to place order and wait for your char koay teow nowadays, guessed they are just too good in business after publicized in 8tv.


Famous Char Koay Teow which is listed in most foodie blogs including mine. In lieu of the stall owner's bad temper, the char koay teow is delicious with big prawns. The drawback: Small portion and high price and long waiting time.

carene19 posted 90 Reviews

T & T 虾面之家

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 星期一至星期六8am - 10pm,星期日730am - 6pm (星期三休息)

用餐的环境很舒适,是间很有味道的老屋子。 有空的话,不妨去试试看这个档口的福建面是不是你心目中的最爱之一?

sunflower posted 280 Reviews

De Title Dining Cabin

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 9pm (Closed on every Wednesday)

The Yaki Udon fried with tomyan are taste good and rich in aroma. It is quite spicy and the food portion size are fine....

miracle4dream posted 87 Reviews

New Day Porridge 新園清香粥

Cuisines Teochew

A great variety. For those who do not like porridge, they have rice too. This place is more of an economy rice/porridge shop.

Mama Mia Kitchen

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Monday - Sunday 11am - 5.45pm

Kedai Kopi & Ais Kacang

Cuisines Chinese

Business Hour : Opens daily from 10am - 5pm. Closed on every Tuesdays.


This restaurant also very famous with the Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow stall. Unfortunately time we reach there the restaurant not yet open. Besides the famous Char Kuey Teow, this place also famous with their "Ais Kacang".

Pohkemon posted 25 Reviews

Red House Yoong Tau Fu

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11.30am – 9.00pm

There is a new Ampang Yoong Tau Fu shop in Penang. Some of choices are deep fried and served with minimal soup.

Midtown Cafe

Cuisines Local
Business Hour 11am - 7pm daily