Tan Kee Prawn Mee

Cuisines Chinese Non-Halal
Business Hour 7.00am – 5.00pm (Closed Monday)

This stall has been there for some time and remained the favorite of the town folks. Each bowl of the yummy noodles came with a large portion of yellow noodles (options to add in bee hoon), bean sprouts, 4 medium sized prawns, 3 meaty pieces of pork ribs and garnished with lots of fried onions.

Tan Kee Prawn Mee has been in Kuala Lumpur for a long long time.

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Hennessy Lor Mien Hawker Stall

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Opens for Brunch till 5pm.

This place is famous for their Hennessy Lor Mee.

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Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hong Lai

Cuisines Chinese

A coffee shop located along Jalan Genting Klang famous for its charcoal fried noodles.

If you are craving for a good Kuala Lumpur fried Hokkien Mee and do not mind going to Setapak for one. Then I would recommend you this coffee shop.

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Restoran Ulu Yam

Cuisines Chinese

We started of with the popular “Sai Toh” fish bar / cake. It was good till we ordered for another bar.

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Toowoomba Deli and Meat

Cuisines Western

Toowoomba is actually The Garden City in Southern Queensland, Australia but in Setapak there is this meat restaurant that you can eat Australian beef.

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Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Cuisines Chinese

Fried Yong Tau Foo was best among the lot; any food fried always does not give a true taste of the food or the freshness of the food.

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Ayer Panas Hawker Center

Cuisines Chinese

The only place I knw that serves Lor Mee drizzled w Hennessy! Their pork dishes are delicious. Tender, sweet fillets of meat.

What a way to start our meal of the today with this marvel Bitter Gourd Cantonese Fried Hor Fun... really satisfying!

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Gourmet Hotdog Cafe

Cuisines Western

Setapak definitely not a place I’ll go often but will pay them a visit if I happened to be at that area as the beef and vegetarian sausages did impressed me

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OM Fruit Juice

Cuisines Thai

A muslim Thai food restaurant which specializes in Tom Yum as well as the fruit juices.

Mr Dakgalbi

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12 am - 12 pm

We are establishing our brand in Malaysia since 2013, yet Mr.Dakgalbi has been started in Korea since 1970, and we expanding our brand throughout South East Asia region. Nowadays, we have almost more than 100 outlets in Korea, 70 outlets in China (shanghai,beijing), and 10 outlets in Malaysia. Our Mr.Dakgalbi Food was an original royal Korean's food that has been passed down since 17th century and has an royal historical record. Therefore, we are please to serve our dearest customer with royal korean food and our 100% polite service.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour Mon - Thurs: 9 am - 1 am Fri: 9 am -2 am Sat & Public Holiday: 8 am - 2 am Sun: 8 am - 1 am

Genting Corner

Cuisines Mamak

Favourite roti canai place serve economy lunch style and special briyani menu for lunch at RM7.00

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Restoran Loong Fatt

Cuisines Chinese

The stock is tasty, there is no after effect of MSG eating the pork noodle.

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