Restoran Siew Ming (小明海鲜饭店)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1200-2230 (daily) Closed – Tuesdays

Overall a little pricey as the serving is very small, good for a person or most to most an adult and a child, nothing more, except for the fish dish. posted 169 Reviews
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Tanjung Tua Lang Fish Head Restaurant (督亚冷淡水鱼头饭店)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1100-1430/1730-2300 Closed on Mondays

Excellent meal @ only RM 138.40 inclusive of a pot of hot Chinese tea for 6 (RM 6.00) and 11 large plain white rice (RM 13.20) Will come back to savour their signature fish after having a satisfying meal this round. posted 169 Reviews

Restoran New Dragon Pearl (新龙珠饭店)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1100-2300 (daily)

I would say that this new chef on the helm fared slightly better from the previous one and for only RM 142.00 inclusive of rice and drinks, there’s basically no way I would not do a revisit. Afterall, I’ve yet to try out many signature dishes that lined the walls. I’ll be back, without doubt! posted 169 Reviews

Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh (啊星肉骨茶)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1730-2230 Closed on Every alternate Saturdays

Soup is so savoury but not thick, unlike the typical Klang version. No sign of thirst after finishing every drop of it. Good! An 8/10! An additional RM 1.50 per pax if you require mushrooms/needle mushrooms to be added. posted 169 Reviews