Cuisines Western

I was happy to see pho (beef noodle soup - RM17.90) on the menu, as I have been craving for it for a while. The pho soup is made by boiling imported Australian beef with various spices and then topped with rice noodles, beansprouts, fresh herbs, red chillies, thinly sliced beef and beef balls. Squeeze some lime over and enjoy! I definitely enjoyed this - the soup was clear yet very flavorful and comforting. Absolutely pho-bulous!

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Mon Boulangerie

Cuisines Western

Overall Rating: 6/10. If you are looking merely for a coffee and dessert place within the Sri Petaling vicinity, this might not be for you - but if you are up for a dose of Western coupled with desserts and coffee after, you could give this place a shot - there's a reason everyone orders the same thing at Mon's right?

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Turkey Point Restaurant

Quite a plesant place and also can held functions here

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