Ah Yee Curry Mee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Breakfast & Lunch

If you know someone who grew up in Kepong in the 80s, ask them if they know about Ah Yee Curry Mee. Chances are they have been eating her food since young. From what I was told, Ah Yee Curry Mee had a humble beginning as an economy noodle and chee cheong fun stall. Yong tau fu and other noodles were only added as part of her offerings in the later years.

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Restoran Chuen Yuen

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Opens for breakfast & lunch

There used to be 2 ladies who manned the stall but now there's one with a young lady helping out. The aunty is super friendly and my mother preferred her Chee Cheung Fun over Ah Yee's.

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