Restoran ZK

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour 11am – 4pm daily

DIRTIEST RESTAURANT EVER. MOST UNHYGIENIC. REVOLTING. DO NOT VISIT. I went during August 2017. It was the most horrifying experience in my life. It was dirty, unhygienic and absolutely terrible. There was a waitress in tudung, long sleeves. She served us. We ordered their curry fish head and others. The appetizers were cabbages and other vegetables but they were ALREADY COOKED and STACKED one on top of another at the side table to be given out! The plates of appetizers (wet and cooked) were stacked plate on plate! Plates were sitting on top of food! WHAT THE HELL! Then, she used her BARE hands without gloves to pick up papadoms, and put them on plates! She then served that to us! When our food was ready, she then served the curry fish head to us with her FINGERS in the curry! Also, we had fried chicken. She used her UNWASHED, BARE HANDS to chop them! I almost vomited. I have NOT seen her wash her hands. She then open a receipt book, wrote the food that we ordered, and used a calculator to calculate the total. All the whilst STILL handling food. Then, she took CASH money from us, and got us the change. She never once cleaned her hands apart from wiping them on her APRON! YA ALLAH! DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT! I will report to DBKL and the Health authorities soon. This place gives you diarrhea and food poisoning. I did get diarrhea that day I ate in this place.

Ahmad Zainal posted

Choo Cheng Kay Street Food

Cuisines Asian
Business Hour 0630-1500 Closed – Sundays

Well, If you happen to be around this area, it would not hurt you one bit to check out this hidden gem. posted 169 Reviews