Hong Kee Mah Chee 芳记麻芝

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Cuisines Chinese Dessert
Business Hour 1.00pm – 6.00pm daily. Closed on Thursdays.

To find this place, drive along Jalan Queen in Pasir Pinji. When you see a small stall under a tree and in front of a single-storey house with sloping driveway, you’ve reached your destination.


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Nasi Dalca Rahim

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour Daily 7.30 pm to 2am Off Day : Once a month. Either Monday at the beginning or end of month.

The stall is selling since 1945 till to date. It have been called “Nasi Ganja” by locals due to the rice is very tasty. First timer who taste this rice usually will go for seconds. This is how they got the name. The rice is cooked with dal till soft and eaten with a bit of “CHATNI” which is a coconut paste mixed with spices. The taste of the rice is something like a rice porridge and the chicken are very very soft. Besides chicken they have an excellent mutton as well.

Penang Special Samosa

Cuisines Indian Snack
Business Hour Opening hours: Mon-Sat, Mornings about 9am til late evenings. Closed on Sundays.

Restaurant Sulltania

Cuisines Indian

Chapati is a very tasty and filling flatbread, especially when paired with vegetable or meat curries.

Yee Jie (Second Sister) Nighttime Fishball Noodle

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 6.45pm – 11.00pm every night Off day not fixed.