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Cuisines Chinese Non-Halal

The history of meatballs making in Malaysia dated back to the post era the 2nd world war. There was a person named Khong Zing, originated from the district of Canton, China, left his homeland to the Peninsular Malaya for a better life. He commenced his venture by setting up him business in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, more precisely at Jalan Silang. For some urgent personal matter, he went home where of his business had to be taken care for by Chan Fatt Kam. As the meatballs are of exceptional taste and quality, Chan does not face much difficulty to expand and further enhance the business. At the moment the show was situated in such a way that it was annexed to two other shop at the road junction. Henceforth, the regular customers have named it as "San Jian Chuang", translated to "Three Adjacent Shops". Now the name "San Jian Chuang" is well known and is synonymous to meatballs. Thereafter Chan has passed on the are of making meatballs to one Yap See Chiew, the next generation to continue the are and to make available to the public, the exquisite taste of superior and quality meatballs, Yap has then set up his own establishment in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur of which is know as "San Jian Chuang". He has further branched out to Petaling Jaya (behind Mak Yee Restaurant) whereof most Petaling Jaya folks would patronize it for breakfast, especially weekends.