Cuisines Western

From outside, Bisou looks like some posh fella's green house in the middle of Notting Hill, London. Bisou is the youngest sibling to Bianco and Bijou.


Cuisines Malaysian Mamak

For a typical Malaysian cuisine and lifestyle experience, Buharry's just the place! Savour generation-old recipes prepared by experienced chefs using only the finest of ingredients. Enjoy great food within the comfort of a lively ambience, friendly service crew and fully equipped state-of-the-art conveniences. Spot celebrities, top CEOs or even your local cabbie here. Our very reasonable prices make Buharry's the place for everyone to enjoy! Find out what makes up this multi-cultural Malaysians' tastebud tick. Be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of everyday Malaysian favourites.

Vanilla Box

Cuisines Chinese

Vanilla Box, however, is not your typical Asian Heritage Row restaurant. It's nondescript on the outside and inside, the decor is very homely and simple - it almost feels like a neighbourhood restaurant. Another thing that you will notice is that the dining area is actually quite small compared to the kitchen area.