Hong Kong Tang Yuen

Cuisines Chinese

Personally prefer the sea coconut dessert in soya milk more than their Tang Yuan.

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Kedai Kopi Sin Yin Nam 新映南餐室

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Opens daily from 5pm - 11pm.

Look at the weather to decide whether sitting outdoor or indoor

The set meals were reasonably priced ranging from RM12.90 to RM 25 and with an additional RM 1, you get a semi buffet consisting of refillable drink, soup and salad.

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Penang New Lane - Pig Intestine Porridge

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Everyday (Closed on Wednesdays) 3pm - 11pm (Closes early if porridge is sold out)

No worries when eating the porridge. No foul smelling instestines as they cleaned it properly. Hehehe. Otherwise it would be 'jiak sai' liao!

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