Restoran Wong Meng Kee

Cuisines Chinese Malaysian
Business Hour 每天 11:00-22:30

年初四这一天我们趁着出外到住家附近用餐,便顺道点了一客鱼生解一解瘾。 蒲种的黄明记海鲜餐馆是我蛮喜欢的餐馆之一,这里很多招牌菜都很对味。可惜因为是新年的关系,大厨们把心机都放在新年特色菜式,很多平时吃到的招牌菜都没有,所以这一次点了很多新的菜色,算是在熟悉的餐馆来个大冒险~

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Otak-Otak Place

Cuisines Local Malay
Business Hour Mon-Fri, Sun 10:00a.m.-10:00p.m. & Sat 9:30a.m.-10:00p.m.

Zok Noodle House

Cuisines Local Hong Kong

Business Hours: Daily: 8am - 8pm


鲜虾全蛋面是阿七每一次光顾必点的,而且是依照香港普遍的吃法 - 汤的。这里的全蛋面爽脆弹牙,让我想起老一辈的人用竹竿压打出来的竹升面。面条不但口感好,而且没有那一股碱水味,据说厨师是从五星级酒店学艺的。除此之外,鲜虾云吞里面有一颗大大的虾子和比例适中的猪绞肉,鲜甜无比。只不过汤头只是一般,有时候更会过咸。一碗全蛋面加上四大颗的鲜虾云吞,还有舒适的环境,才卖RM6.90,这年头实在难得啊~~

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Cuisines Local

Papparich Group was established in 2005 with its 1st outlet in Selayang Mall. Today PappaRich has grown extensively and with a total of 50 outlets nationwide and continuously growing rapidly. We are emerging as a formidable player in the local food and beverage chain. The popularity of lifestyle Malaysian Delights outlets is attributed largely to the introduction of its high quality food offering.


PappaRich does have a few good dishes under its sleeve: Instant Noodle (the soup taste good), Organic Soya Milk (expensive, but a healthy alternative to coffee and tea), fried Kway Teow, and good variety of vegetation dishes. This Puchong Jaya's branch service is much better than the Bandar Puteri ones; perhaps the owner/manager do swing in once in a while, especially on weekends. Kudos! Prices: * Instand Noodle: RM 6.90 * Soyamilk Pudding + Cincau: RM 6.80 * Soyamilk Tong Yun: RM 5.50 * Steam Roti with Butter and Kaya: RM 4.20

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JM Bariani House Puchong

Cuisines Local

Nasi beriani Johor recipe in a Malay restaurant (restoran Melayu). Delicious very mild curry loved by children & International diners.

Rempah Ratus Nasi Lemak Restaurant & Cafe

Cuisines Local Western
Business Hour Open 10am-10pm daily.

Trendy Malaysian restaurant serving wide variety of food