Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Dine at Four Seasons Restaurant before/after the events, so convenient!

summerkid posted 568 Reviews

Glitter Palace Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Overall, lunch felt sumptuous but some dishes were reasonably priced. I enjoyed the gravy of almost all the dishes, mixing rice and all, to a satisfying meal.

WACK posted 41 Reviews

Wan Fook Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Seafood

This restaurant offers dine for chinese cooked seafood cuisine with exquisite taste. It will be a taste you will not forget once you have tried. Please call in advance for reservation.

Wong's Noodle

Cuisines Chinese

1.叉烧 (厨师推荐) 2.云吞 3.冬菇 4.凤爪 5.水饺 6.牛腩 (厨师推荐) 7.炸肉 厨师推荐) 8.咖喱 (厨师推荐)

Kingfisher Restaurant (鱼皇米)

Cuisines Chinese

鱼头米专卖店 我们采用的都是新鲜的食材。 鱼头的细骨少,都适合老人,小孩食用。 鱼头新鲜,汤底香甜,绝对是你食用鱼头米的好地方

Claypot Hometown Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

There are various choices of signature claypot dishes, may ask for good recommendation, the ambiance there is ok, not uniquely nice but the dishes are delicious, especially for ppl who like heavy taste~