Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay)

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Cuisines Malay
Business Hour Daily 10am till 11pm, Closed on Tuesday

And the peanut sauce is mixed with sambal to create a sweet and spicy taste. You can see they aren’t stingy with the peanut sauce, you can request as much as you want.

Why do I still choose M'sia rather than Haji Samuri? Well, good question. Cause it's near for one and it's not that pack and the enviroment also cleaner and not that hot. haha~! See, enviroment is very important also. The whole meal cost me RM 22.50. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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Chop Tong Sing 東昇茶室

Cuisines Chinese Coffee Shop

Breakfast is still good in general at Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Chop Tong Sing. We enjoyed the traditional coffee shop feeling and this is truly the old Kajang experience.