Restoran SS2 Murni

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Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM ; 6.00PM - 5.00AM (Closed Mondays)

Mamak restaurant with a great varieties of roti, steamy hot delicious nasi lemak.


This is the "King of all Mamak"; crowded with people during supper time, filled with guiltily delicious food and plenty of variety. Fairly quick service, but there might be some problem getting hold of the busy waiters.

d_luaz posted
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Cuisines Mamak

Love the fried chicken, great roti tisu (worth the 15 minute wait), and great ambience under the trees


A friend of mine suggested to venture Kedai Makanan Raju as he claims their roti canai is the best in Petaling Jaya, located just nearby La Salle School. We decided to drop by for high-tea to taste part of their delicacies. It was a quiet secluded place, next to an open padang, which makes it a great place for high-tea with the breeze blowing into our faces. posted 127 Reviews

Restoran Hasbuna

Cuisines Mamak Malay Indian Halal

Love the Roti Special, which is Roti Canai with half boiled egg, superb combination! There's a satay store outside of the restaurant, which serves great satay, highly recommended.

mum2 posted

Restoran Jamal Mohamed

Cuisines Chinese Mamak

I won’t recommend this to anyone even if you are desperately looking for a pork free CKT – because this is a total misrepresentation of my most beloved street food.

vkeong posted 858 Reviews

Kanna Curry House

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour Open 7 days a week 7am to 10pm.

Now eating banana leaf rice is no longer cheap. It easily cost from RM 8 – RM 30 per person depending on what items you add on.

taufulou posted 672 Reviews

Bumbung P.J. Ibumie

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour 5:30 pm -4.00 am

Pretty fast service and affordable.

low.b.leong posted 474 Reviews

Rojak SS15 Subang Jaya

Cuisines Mamak

Restoran Rest 1

Cuisines Mamak

PJ Indomee

Cuisines Mamak Malay Halal
Business Hour 7.00pm onwards till 1 am

Pelita Samudra Pertama (M) Sdn Bhd

Cuisines Mamak

Nasi Kandar Pelita mamak is at SS15 in Subang Jaya ... house of one of the best Maggi Mee Gorengs this side of town.