fraulein reviewed Miraku @ Paradigm Mall

Despite doing a buffet line, Miraku still aimed at serving food in a least crowded environment where the diners can walk around leisurely instead of jostling and shoving a hungry crowd. If you're looking for a pure Japanese spread at an affordable price and good ambience, Miraku's Sunday buffet is probably your best bet in Klang Valley.
fraulein reviewed Sara Thai Kitchen (Wan Seafood & Tomyam) @ Jalan Gambut

Sara Thai is a restaurant renowned for serving authentic Thai food in Kuantan and I have heard for more than once that it’s the best Thai restaurant in town.
fraulein reviewed Terminal Sate Zul @ Jalan Alor Akar

We will probably drop by again the next time we’re in town but wouldn’t deliberately take a 30 minutes ‘detour’ ride just for their satay.
fraulein reviewed Awang Ikan Bakar @ Sungai Karang

If you’re looking for something to drink, I would highly recommend you gulp down a whole glass of their intense teh halia (ginger tea), a treat for your sweet tooth.
fraulein reviewed Yuen Kee Cafe (源记茶餐室) @ Bentong

The owner and assistants were working non stop so we could be served with the noodles within minutes.