pinkroselle reviewed The Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Been here on weekday at 1.20pm and wait for 18 mins only have someone help us to placed an order. Is a guy wearing coat, I think he is captain. He did not even repeat our order and just take the order bill away. 2 of us ordered 4 dim sum and 1 roast pork. Wait for another an hour which is about 2.40pm, and many attempts of chasing with the waiter/waitress, only been told that the roast port is finish, and served us 2 dim sum. At around 3.00pm which is more than 1 and half hour since we reach, there are still 2 dim sum have not even come out. Call again the waiter, waitress, and waitress but their reaction seem like already use to customer chasing and waiting. Not even any apology given, which the coffee shop service is much more better than here. We understand it need time to served the crowd but excused me..we only ordered DIM SUM, which suppose to serve faster than the order to cook dishes. We did not faced this kind of service in The Garden outlet. No doubt the food here is good, but with this kind or lousy service, we will definitely not come again.